Imagine you are a visitor to Georgian Bath. You have travelled over terrible roads in an uncomfortable coach, with the possibility of being robbed by highwaymen. Now, safely in your lodgings in Queen Square, you can relax. But how would you spend your day? Kirsten Elliott takes you on a walk which not only travels through a typical day in Georgian Bath but also through time as the city changes with the expectations of wealthy tourists.

Terrain: Street walking – a walk which is as ideal for wheelchair users now as it would have been in the 18th century.

Time: 2 hours.

Distance: 1.5 miles

The walk starts by the obelisk in Queen Square – and ends at the Assembly Rooms.

Booking is essential, you can book your free place here.

Start Date
10:00 am 21st September 2022
End Date
12:00 pm 21st September 2022
2 hours