What a strange place Bath is! Poke fun at it and you will be praised and publicized. You may even get an entire festival dedicated to your works. But write pleasingly about the place and you get ignored and despised. Such has been the fate of Georgette Heyer. Yet she is more popular than Jane Austen and more accurate than Bridgerton. Discover Regency Bath – gossipy, snobbish, funny, fashionable, and risqué – as vividly portrayed by Georgette Heyer.

Join historian Kirsten Elliott to find out more about her.

Terrain: Downhill and level. Should be no problem for wheelchair users.

Time: 2 hours.

Distance: 2 miles/3km

Start at the centre of Camden Crescent – end at Pump Rooms.

Booking is essential, you can book your free place here.

Start Date
2:00 pm 16th September 2022
End Date
4:00 pm 16th September 2022
2 hours