The Bathscape Partnership first met back in 2013, a coming together of like-minded organisations with a shared ambition to address threats faced by the beautiful natural landscape surrounding Bath, and to better recognise its value to the health and wellbeing of all people in the city.

Its vision was for an enhanced ‘Bathscape’, a landscape that was more easily accessed and actively enjoyed by a greater and more diverse number of people. It wanted Bath to be recognised as one of the most complete landscape cities in the world, where the people in the city were more connected with the beautiful rural landscape around them.

In close consultation with residents, landowners, dozens of Bath community groups and volunteers, and many more local and national organisations, the Partnership carefully defined and shaped the ambitious Bathscape Scheme and raised the funding to make it happen.

A development grant of £177,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund was awarded in November 2016, enabling the Bathscape Partnership to advance its proposed plans. This led to a successful round 2 grant submission, resulting in the award of a further £1.65 million from the Heritage Fund in December 2018.

Combined with generous match funding from partner organisations, a total funding of £2.2 million was finally raised to deliver the Bathscape Scheme and its 25 separately costed projects between 2019 and 2023. The Bathscape Partnership continues to oversee the scheme’s activities today.

The Bathscape Partnership Board comprises:


Other bodies and organisations closely supporting the Bathscape Partnership include:

  • Bath & Counties Archaeology Society
  • Bath City Farm
  • Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
  • Cotswold Voluntary Wardens
  • Curo
  • Historic England
  • Joint Local Access Forum
  • Natural England
  • Bath & District Local RSPB
  • Wiltshire Council

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During 2021 we had our mid project review, and produced this infographic of what we’ve achieved so far.