Exploring the Bathscape area is easy. A beautiful natural landscape, it completely surrounds the city of Bath. North, south, east and west; hills, valleys, grasslands and woodlands, there’s so much to be discovered, and it’s all within a short reach.

Take a look at the Bathscape map and you’ll find more than 40 different places to see, and we’re sure you’ll discover a lot more on the way.

Ancient hilltops and hidden valleys, canals and aquaducts, towers and tunnels, gardens and riverside meadows, the Bathscape area really does have it all. It’s a rich and varied mix of stunning geology, wildlife, history and heritage, just waiting to be explored by you, your family and friends.

Or if you prefer to be with a larger group, then we also run organised public events throughout the year, inviting people in Bath to explore with us. There’s the Walking Festival as well, an annual event held in September providing as many as 50 guided walks in the area.

So please check out our activities, events listing, interactive map and resource downloads and start exploring today. Its enjoyment is free, its benefits to your health and wellbeing will last a lifetime. To find out more about the work of the Bathscape Scheme, sign up for our newsletter, call us on 01225 477 265 or email info@bathscape.co.uk


Your Favourite Walk

Bath and the surrounding countryside are home to some fantastic walks. We want to know what’s your favourite?  Be it in the city or the countryside, a short stroll that you currently take as part of your daily exercise or a big countryside stomp that you’re looking forward to doing once the lockdown is lifted, as long as it’s in the Bathscape area, please tell us about it here.

We will use your suggestions to highlight what a great place the Bathscape is for walking. We are also developing a set of digital walking routes and trails, and want to make sure we’ve got the best ones included.

Places you can explore this month (following social distancing guidelines)

Limpley Stoke Valley

Valley carved by River Avon

Charmy Down

Derelict 1940s airfield

St Catherine’s Valley

A valley of serene character


An earthwork from the dark ages

Future events

Bathscape Walking Festival

Celebrate Bath’s landscape by taking a walk Join us in September 2020 for the next Walking Festival. With such incredible…