With its rich history and heritage, unique geology and wildlife, the Bathscape area is one of the most idyllic rural environments to learn about. The beautiful natural landscape surrounding Bath is intertwined with the city and its people. We bring you the opportunities to find out more.

How the landscape was formed from the limestone and waters beneath. How it supports such a richness and diversity in wildlife. How it has been settled and used for more than 6,000 years. How the landscape shaped Bath, as a spa town and place of wellbeing. How it inspired artists and industrialists. There’s so much to learn.

Study our map and you’ll see how easy it is to access the Bathscape area, and just how much there is for you to discover in this simply stunning countryside. Through learning resources, guided walks, nature watching and other events, you can find out a whole lot more about this unique and beautiful area.

And because the Bathscape Scheme’s ambitious restoration and conservation work depends on a team of 800 local volunteers, we also provide training opportunities to learn a range of new skills connected with the landscape. If you’d like to join our volunteers please get in touch via our volunteering page.

To find out more, sign up for our newsletter, call us on 01225 477 265 or email info@bathscape.co.uk.

We are putting together activities that can be done in or near home, during the current period of isolation and social distancing. These are for entertainment but also contribute to our project.

Whilst gardening or walking during April, have a look out for bumblebees. We’ve gathered some resources about the most common ones, and would love your help in spotting and recording them.

Local illustrator and artist Marian Hill is developing a wonderful project about beetles, Buzz and Scuttle. We are delighted to be able to share Marian’s resources.  The first is this simple minibeast identification guide. Please also visit Marian’s website, or follow her on twitter for her #BeetleOfTheDay (@hill_marian).

Ask a Relative‘ – encourage children to talk to older relatives/family friends about what their childhood was like in Bath. Full information here: Ask a relative. Thank you.

We have done a roundup of lots of the free online resources for both children and adults.

Community Action For Nature

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, all our events and activities are cancelled (hopefully just postponed) from now…

Training Programme

Come and learn at Bath City Farm Bathscape is working in partnership with Bath City Farm to deliver accredited training.…

Natural Pathways

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus Covid-19 situation, all our events and activities are cancelled (hopefully just postponed) from now…