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Learning outdoors has never been more important. Children being outdoors with nature is an essential part of their education.

We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers and other educators to take the learning outdoors, and to make their school grounds more wildlife friendly and the perfect outdoor classroom.

Our partners, Avon Wildlife Trust, worked with Roundhill Primary School and St Michael’s Junior Church School to develop and test these resources with their students.  We hope you like the results!

Start with the step-by-step guide, then there are lesson plans for visits to the Roundhill and Carr’s Wood local nature reserves with associated activities.  We’ve also included some beautiful posters from Marian Hill.

If you’d like posters and other kit to help you get started, please do get in touch with us.


Step by Step Guide for Planning Your Visit

The following should assist you in planning a school trip to Carr’s Wood, Twerton Roundhill or other local nature spots.

Roundhill Activity Plan for Schools

The Roundhill is a fantastic place to spark children’s fascination with their local historical environment, and their place within in.

Nature Art Lesson Plan

This is a series of creative activities which can easily be done outside with minimal equipment. Students will develop creativity,…

Carr's Wood Activity Plan for Schools

Carr’s Wood is a fantastic place to spark children’s fascination with their local natural and historical environment.

Wellbeing With Nature Lesson Plan

A series of activities and games which support learners to reconnect, build communication and trust, and develop their emotional literacy.

Wilder Schools Advice Pack

This pack is for anyone who wants to improve their school grounds for wildlife. It gives practical advice and ideas.

Nature-Based Learning Curriculum Links

The opportunities for curriculum-linked learning using the natural world could, and have, filled many a book.

Trees Lesson Plan

A selection of simple cross-curricular activities and games for KS2 groups, using trees in your school ground or local wildlife…

Beetles and Bugs of Britain

Beetles and Bugs of Britain

Pollinator Poster

Pollinator Poster