The beautiful natural landscape surrounding the city of Bath, with its hills and valleys, grasslands and woodlands, the Bathscape is yours to enjoy. Whether you’re living in Bath or visiting, it’s an idyllic place to unwind, explore and learn more about. And if you want to help us look after it for the generations to come, then you can volunteer too.

The stunning green backdrop to the city’s renowned Georgian architecture, the Bathscape is what makes Bath one of the most complete landscape cities, and a key reason for its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For people in Bath it really is all around, it always has been and always will be, a rich source of recreation and exercise that’s the envy of the world.

And with its extraordinary blend of geology and wildlife, history and heritage, the Bathscape has always had an inseparable cultural connection with the people of Bath, their health and wellbeing. The famous therapeutic spa waters, its natural shelter and protection, the very stone that built the city, the Bathscape has provided them all, and much more besides.

On Bath’s doorstep, freely accessible to you, your family and friends, an area of striking natural beauty spanning more than 100 square kilometers. From Charmy Down in the north, to Combe Hay in the south, from Kingsdown in the east to Corston in the west, the Bathscape is right here, ready to be enjoyed all year round. Now it just needs you.

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