Walk 3 – Batheaston to Newbridge

The Circuit of Bath is a 20.5 mile walk that circumnavigates the City of Bath. This is the final of three walks we are leading to take you round the route in an anti-clockwise direction. The walks will be linear, but walk leaders will guide you back to the start using public transport.

This section is the final most strenuous section. The first climb is long and steady up to the top of Little Solsbury Hill where the views soon make you forget the climb! Then there is a gentle descent down through Upper Swainswick and on to Woolley. From here there is a steep climb up towards Lansdown where again the views back over where you have just walked and across the valley are spectacular. From here it is plain sailing to Beckford’s Tower before a steady descent to the finish at Newbridge Park & Ride.

This walk is 6 miles (9.6km) long and includes the most hills of the route with two steep uphill sections, each of which is followed by a steady downhill. We will stop for coffee on top of Little Solsbury Hill and then have lunch Lansdown Cemetery. Please bring food and drink with you.

Places are limited, and booking is essential. 

Please note, the finishing time is approximate. 

You’ll be guided round by Nicole Daw, Trails and Access Officer, Cotswolds Natural Landscape, and Steve Holbrow

Nicole will be in touch just before the event with more information – or you can contact her if you need more information or need to contact her on the day on 07725 601943 (please note she doesn’t work on Fridays).

Start Date
10:00 am 20th May 2023
End Date
2:00 pm 20th May 2023
4 hours