The third annual global City Nature Challenge begins at the end of April and you can help us by spotting wildlife from home and help the region keep the title of ‘top observers in Europe’.

We’ve made a short video to help get you started.  You can record the wildlife you can see from your window, in your garden if you have one, or during a short walk. Please always comply with current rules relating to Covid-19.

You can take part by downloading the free iNaturalist app and take photos of the plants, insects, animals, birds or fungi they spot from their windows or garden. No expert knowledge is needed and the app will help identify findings, or photos can be shared with the global community.

More information can be found here and the challenge runs from April 24 to April 27. All sightings taken during this time will count towards the region’s international rankings.

Start Date
12:00 am 24th April 2020
End Date
11:59 pm 27th April 2020
3 days 23 hours 59 minutes