An imaginative stroll into a positive vision of a glorious post-climate future.

Great for wellbeing & creativity.

Part of a series of creative walkshops with Kilter Theatre journeying from climate anxiety to climate action. see

Right, listen up, this is important. In order to create a positive sustainable vision of the future, we first of all have to imagine it. We have to take the morning off work & take the first steps towards a post-climate vision of humanity’s greatest success story.

This walkshop with Kilter Theatre’s Directors Caroline Garland & Olly Langdon will guide you through a series of playful conversations & contemplative tasks to see past the current problems of the climate emergency & into a beautiful, fulfilling, imaginative future that you will want to fight hard to create.

We need to get some perspective so we’re going to climb to the dizzying heights of Bath’s most iconic hill: Little Solsbury. When we come down, we will be ready to light the way.

We want every walkshop in our One Small Step programme to be open & accessible to all.  If, in order to be there, you need any assistance (including financial assistance for train fares, babysitters etc) please get in touch with

Pre-schoolers in back packs, home educated children (12+) and dogs are all welcome – but please let Kilter know when you book.

Booking essential, you can book you free place here – book Kilter eco imagineer.

Start Date
10:00 am 15th October 2023
End Date
12:30 pm 15th October 2023
2 hours 30 minutes