If you want to save the world, you have to walk the talk.

Join us (with Kilter Theatre) on a 3-hour circular walk from Bath City Farm. This walkie-talkie will cover all terrains and the loosely guided conversation will descend into valleys and climb to great heights. The subject: how to connect with each other; how to connect with our landscape… and how to avoid the problems that come about when we fail.

With our blood pumping and the changing environment stimulating our brains perhaps we will connect the dots in some new and meaningful way. At the very least we will have made some new friends and walked along some stunning ancients by-ways.

We have a long history of tramping the footpaths in the Bathscape and attribute a large part of our creative success to the way a walk can tease out a knotty creative problem or stir up a pioneering environmental scheme.

Start Date
10:00 am 15th January 2020
End Date
1:00 pm 15th January 2020
3 hours