Everyone loves a Wassail!

Apple tree, apple tree,
Bear good fruit,
Or down with your top
And up with your root!

According to ancient custom, Wassailing fruit trees at this time of year is the only certain way to guarantee good crops in the autumn. It’s as old as the hills and as daft as a brush.

Wrap up warm, bring a pot and a wooden spoon, and join us as we take up the rituals of drumming, shouting and hurling slices of toast into the branches. You know it makes sense.

The Wassail will be hosted by Kilter’s Olly in the guise of calendar month, January, standing astride the past and future with a snotty cold, a bicycle hooter and a ludicrous brummie accent.

Needless to say, Bath City Farm is beautiful, the hot chocolate in the cafe is delicious and, with you there, the company will be unparalleled!

Start Date
1:30 pm 18th January 2020
End Date
3:00 pm 18th January 2020
1 hour 30 minutes