Most people walking through this field are unaware that this is the last resting place of over 3000 people who died in the Bath Union Workhouse between 1858 and 1899. They died in poverty and were buried in unmarked graves.

The Workhouse was opened in 1838 on Frome Road as a result of the Poor Law Amendment Act. It was for those living in poverty, homeless people, the ‘travelling poor’, orphaned children and people experiencing chronic physical or mental ill health.

There has been a long campaign by local people, councillors, community groups and the relatives of those buried there to get the site appropriately recognised. There have also been informal ceremonies; a temporary memorial; research into the lives of those buried here and the reading of their names. You can read more about that here.

The site is still consecrated land. With a bit of help more wildlife is being encouraged, and we hope it is a place that people will enjoy visiting, whether for contemplation, rest or play.